Intellectual Property Chain

Transform your ideas into real projects and assets,
joining the best open talent ecosystem with the right
sponsors and brands. Protecting and generating new
profits for all digital identities involved in this new
distributed ledger production model.

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The problem: what
keeps talent back

Today, the industry standards keep regulating the
market, building barriers to open new efficient productive
models with best talent, but it’s just a matter of time…


In today’s market the ideas are not regulated to protect creators and the real talent workforces involved in the value proposition.

There are many intermediaries that block profits that should be for those who create and enable ideas.

Creators don’t receive a real profit for their value creation, working on a one-off models where the industry maintain all grants.

For creators

Registering their Identity to certify their ownership, seeking for open talent and financial aid through a transparent business process, to gain the right value recognition and infinite talent forces.

For talent force

Open space for negotiate with others to build best workforce to make ideas come true. Building together a value proposition for the brands and Sponsors.

For sponsors & brands

A transparent investing model to produce new liquid assets for brands or entertainment in a new equity and IP Share based on success.

The solution: what brings
talent forward

A new distributed IP ledger to produce
liquid assets, enabling transparency
and success using…

Our growth tokens

The tokenization of every creative ideas and
projects for protection and revenue value on
success, through our growth tokens stored
and managed on blockchain by the GDP.

Our growth contracts

A smart contracting standardized programs,
to manage all track records, ownership
and economic transaction in a decentralized
blockchain solution by the GDP.

Your assets

It establishes the ownership and the IP of each project and registers all the interactions within.

Your token IP

It establishes a track record of your idea with a security layer by controlling which authorized accounts have access to it.

Your agreement

It manages all the participant negotiations, establishing the terms and conditions of your new asset.

Your cashier

It grants a new payment model to all the talent contributed in your asset.

Your equity

It grants a new payment model to all the talent contributed in your asset.

What GDP does?

Digital artist

Create your identity as a digital artist, to participate in a free, democratic environment of creators.

Your idea

Deliver your tokenized and
protected idea into a new way of
making content business.

Open talent

Other Digital Artists can check
out your idea and jump aboard
to produce your project.

Make it happen

Attract sponsors to your
project to bring it about.

For what it’s worth

Total control over your
production, IP and ownership value.

And now you are free

Real value for ideas. It’s a win-win-win deal for all. The end of one-off works and the beginning of real profits for value.


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